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About Me


Hey there! I'm Matthew Aderhold, I'm a voice actor from Birmingham, Alabama where I moved to from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in late 2001. I provide a range of vocal work for many mediums such as animations, video games, visual novels, commercials, and much, much more!

I started working as a voice artist out of my pure love for telling stories and making character voices with my kids. I have always enjoyed performing and entertaining others, and in 2016, I decided to give voice acting a shot after lending my voice to many events and projects in the South East since 2010. Since then, I have been learning and working on my talent with many great teachers and mentors such as Brendan Hunter, Rachael Messer, and Michael Orenstein to name a few, as well as with the many friends I've made along the way! I've been working to develop my skills and grow my knowledge with each passing day.

I would absolutely love to lend you my voice for your projects so that we can work together to make sure your projects go above and beyond expectations! Always feel free to reach out to find out more information on how we can start working together so we can give your project the voice it needs today.

Home Studio Specs:

- Microphone: MKH 416
- Interface: UAD Arrow

- Booth: Acoustically Treated Room

- Computer: MacBook Pro

- Software: Reaper, RX 9 Standard

  ✅Source Connect Standard 3.9 (Certified!)

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